Как установить google chrome в manjaro
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Как установить google chrome в manjaro

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How to install Google Chrome on Manjaro Linux

Manjaro, along with most of the other Linux distributions, is equipped with Firefox as a default browser. Since Google Chrome is not open-source, therefore it does not ship with Linux distros. However, you can install it by using the repositories that are supported by several distros.

In this guide, we will demonstrate the possible ways to install Google Chrome on Manjaro distribution.

How to install Google Chrome on Manjaro

As mentioned earlier, Google Chrome is not open source, so you will not find it on the package manager of Manjaro.

You can get Google Chrome on Manjaro via two main approaches:

  • Through AUR helpers
  • Through git repository

There are multiple AUR(Arch User Repository) helpers available that can be used to get Google Chrome, such as yay, pakku, and aurutils. On the other hand, you can get the git repository of Google Chrome from AUR to install Google Chrome on Manjaro.

The upcoming sections of this guide will discuss both methods in detail.


The following list of prerequisites must be present on your Manjaro to process the installation methods.

git and base-devel group: You must have access to the git command, and the base-devel group must be installed with git to access all essential tools from the source. The base-devel group contains the tools that are necessary for building and compiling of packages.

To avail of this, execute the following command in Manjaro’s terminal:

Method 1: How to install Google Chrome using yay (AUR helper) in Manjaro Linux

This method comprises several steps that lead to the installation of Google Chrome. Open the Manjaro terminal:

Step 1: Install yay

Firstly, clone the git repository of yay by executing the below-mentioned command:

After cloning, change your terminal’s working directory to “yay“, with the help of the following command:

Now, compile and build the yay package with the help of the command provided below. While executing this command:

Step 2: Install Chrome using yay.

Once you have completed the installation of yay, you are now ready to go for Chrome’s installation. To install yay, execute the following command. You will be prompted with several builds of Chrome that are available.

  • google-chrome (hit 1 for stable version)
  • google-chrome-beta (hit 2 for this release)
  • google-chrome-dev (Enter 3 for dev version)

You can trace the installed Google-Chrome easily, and we have provided the ways to do so in two layouts.

Locating Google Chrome in “Traditional” layout: Click on the “Manjaro’s” icon placed at the taskbar. After that, search for google chrome in the search box, and you will find Chrome.

Locating Google Chrome in the “Manjaro Legacy” layout: Click on the “Show Applications” icon placed on the desktop. Once the applications are shown, you will find Chrome easily, as shown in the image below:

Method 2: How to install Google Chrome using git repository in Manjaro

This method is quite simple and easy to perform. The following steps must be carried out carefully for a successful installation.

Step 1: Clone the Google Chrome’s repository

As we have installed base-devel along with git. Now, you can clone the git repositories using the git clone command. We have cloned the git repository of google chrome with the help of the below-mentioned command:

Now, execute the following command to change the working directory to “google-chrome“:

Step 2: Install Google Chrome

Once you are into the directory, as mentioned earlier, you can execute the following command to download and install google chrome.

The command will first download and extract the files to complete the making process, and then it will install “Google Chrome“.

How to uninstall Google Chrome from Manjaro

Google Chrome is undoubtedly a robust web browser, but still, it is a resource-intensive program. It is foreseen that the old machines cannot provide an effective resource management system.So, in this case, you may think of removing/uninstalling Chrome from your system. Here we will guide you to uninstall Chrome from Manjaro. To do so, you must execute the following command:


In this technologically rich era, the web browser is a valuable tool to consider, either in computing machines or cellular devices. Google Chrome is one of the well-equipped and user-friendly browsers. However, it has the best features to serve, and therefore Chrome is the most used and loved compared to its competitors. Following its importance, this guide demonstrates the installation of Google Chrome on Manjaro. You have learned two different ways of getting the Chrome on Manjaro; method 1 explains the process using AUR helper, whereas method 2 can be followed to access the git repository of Google Chrome for installation.

How to Install Google Chrome on Manjaro 21 Linux

Most web users need no introduction to Google Chrome as it is the most used Internet Browser software globally, with a recent update in 2022 that Chrome is currently the primary browser of more than 2.65 billion internet users and is why most websites’ code now target it first before any other browser.

Chrome is designed to be sleek and clean in its looks and features and especially at loading website pages as it used to claim to be the fastest of all the browsers, but that is now a considerable debate with Edge leading the charge and many others have caught up, the browser competition has increased recently.

The tutorial will use the yay AUR helper, ideally most users may be using some wrapper for Pacman, for new users, it is essential to install one to keep your packages up-to-date while you learn Arch/Manjaro.

In the following tutorial, you will learn how to install Google Chrome on Manjaro 21 Linux by installing either stable, beta, unstable (nightly build), or a combination of the browsers.

Table of Contents

Update/Upgrade Manjaro

Update your system to make sure all existing packages are up to date.

Install yay Helper

To begin the installation, you must have GIT installed to import the yay repository to install/build. From your command terminal, use the following code to begin the installation.

Next, move the archive to the /OPT/ directory. This is a good location for any other archive installs, keep everything located, and traditionally the location is a commonly used area for different applications.

Now navigate to the yay-git directory location.

Build the package using the makepkg command.

Install Google Chrome

Now that you have installed the package management helper, you can install Chrome. As explained at the start of the tutorial, there are three options: stable, beta, or unstable, but installing the default version is recommended for most users.

The installation can be done with just one command as follows.

This will then bring up a notice of which version to install as follows:

  • google-chrome (hit 1 for stable version)
  • google-chrome-beta (hit 2 for this release)
  • google-chrome-dev (Enter 3 for dev version)

Alternatively, you can use the full command to install.

Confirm the version build installed using the following command.

How to Install Google Chrome on Manjaro 21 Linux

Install Google Chrome Beta

Confirm the version build installed using the following command.

How to Install Google Chrome on Manjaro 21 Linux

Install Google Chrome Unstable (Nightly)

Confirm the version build installed using the following command.

How to Install Google Chrome on Manjaro 21 Linux

Launch Google Chrome

The Chrome browser can be launched from your terminal, but most often, the easiest way is to open the browser is using the path Taskbar > Internet > Google Chrome.

How to Install Google Chrome on Manjaro 21 Linux

The first time you open Chrome, a pop-up will appear informing you if you would like to set it as the default browser and send usage statistics, etc., to Google.

Choose your preferences, and click. OK .

How to Install Google Chrome on Manjaro 21 Linux

Once open, you will see a default landing page.

Update/Upgrade Google Chrome

The best way to upgrade the browser, depending on what versions you have installed, is using the following command that should all the requirements from standard to nightly.

Remove (Uninstall) Google Chrome

When you no longer want to remove Chrome from your system or a particular version, you can remove the browser using one of the commands below that suit the version you have installed.

Remove Google Chrome Beta

Remove Google Chrome Unstable

Optionally, you can run the following command to clean up any leftover unused dependencies, and this is highly recommended to run, so your system does not become bloated.

Comments and Conclusion

In the tutorial, you have learned how to quickly install yay AUR helper along with learning how to install, maintain, and if so, remove Google Chrome stable, beta, nightly, or esr from your Manjaro desktop.

Be sure to have fun testing out the new beta or unstable features. At the current time, unstable has finally hit the v100 mark, but remember that they may be unstable and have some bugs which can cause browser crashes or introduce security issues. If you do experience any problems with your browser, don’t hesitate to fall back on the instructions in the tutorial.

Install Google Chrome in Archlinux and Manjaro Linux

Firefox is using 100% CPU in my Desktop. i though maybe its time to switch to another browser like Chrome or Opera Browser and see the differences. in my case Manjaro Linux firefox browser is standard installed with the os but im not really happy with performance.

Lets me show you how to Install Google Chrome in Archlinux and Manjaro Linux


Please find add/remove software under your administration tools

Under options > Preferences

Under Aur repository, please Enable AUR support and check to get updates from there

Please apply and back to find google-chrome under packages

Select the Package to buid

Building the package

Now check if Chrome has been installed and run it


to install Google-chrome you need to install Git Client

you can install git with this command

Go to Google Chrome AUR repository at https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/google-chrome/ and you should see the following page

Please clone the git url with this command

Go to google-chrome directory

Please build the package for Archlinux/Majaro Linux using the command makepkg -s

The makepkg Command will build the package inside the same directory that you can install with command sudo pacman -U file.tar.xz

Please Enjoy your Installed Google Chrome Browser in Archlinux or Manjaro

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