Как подключить наушники oneodio f2
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Как подключить наушники oneodio f2

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User Guide

If you’re looking for OneOdio user manual, here is a list for you to download.

Wireless Headphones

  • OneOdio Studio Studio Wireless M
  • OneOdio Studio Studio Wireless C
  • OneOdio A70
  • OneOdio A10

Wired Headphones

  • OneOdio Studio Pro 30
  • OneOdio Studio Pro 10
  • OneOdio Studio HIFI
  • OneOdio Pro 50
  • OneOdio Monitor 60
  • OneOdio Monitor 80
  • OneOdio A71
  • OneOdio A71D
  • OneOdio A71M

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OneOdio F2 – Review

The OneOdio F2 is a very affordable model from the brand, despite the premium look of it’s case.

Inside, each earpiece carry a single dynamic driver with a Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity that supports both SBC and AAC codecs and a waterproof rating of IPX4.

The battery life is rated at 8 hours with a charging time of 1.5 hours and a total runtime of up to 48 hours when using the charges provided by the case.

The earpieces are fully made of plastic with a light weighted design and touch sensitive back plates that allow the control of all main functions.

OneOdio F2 Review

Accessories & Packaging

The OneOdio F2 come with the case, a charging cable and 3 pair of eartips.

6.5 /10


OneOdio F2 weight in Ounces and OneOdio F2 weight in grams.

Bass & Sub Bass

Something that the OneOdio F2 does right is providing a very fun and powerful mid-bass with plenty punchiness for absolutely any tracks and genre.

Additionally, this TWS does neither fall short of deepness over sub-bass ranges with a good rumble when notes reach the lower extension of bass..

7.75 /10

Mids & Vocals

The midrange of the OneOdio F2 has a very warm and bassy midrange.

The lower midrange and male vocals do not tend to sound excessively distant but can struggle at times to fight back with the strong bleeding bass.

Upper mids and female vocals show a much more crisp response that can become a bit harsh at times but overall the combination gives it a more airy feel than it would had sounded if their upper mids would have had a less forward approach.

Nonetheless, it is fair to note that the harshness mentioned above is not very frequent nor overly hot.

6.5 /10

Highs & Treble

Highs on the OneOdio F2 tend to sound a bit contrasty with a darkish but fatiguing sound that does not resolve too much detail.

The odd description above is due to a boosted low and mid highs and a strong roll-off over the higher end that combines into an unbalanced feel.

5.75 /10


Despite the larger size, the OneOdio F2 are light weighted and very comfortable to wear thanks to rounded forms and an angled nozzle design.

8 /10

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OneOdio F2 Frequency Response Curve

OneOdio F2 Technical Specifications

Type TWS
Driver Unit Dynamic
Frequency Response 20-20,000Hz
Diaphragm Unknown
Magnet Unknown


OneOdio F2 Scores

  • Accessories — 6.5/10


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OneOdio F2

OneOdio F2


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OneOdio F2 True Wireless Headphones Review

OneOdio F2 True Wireless Headphones Review

OneOdio has also released the F2 TWS which is a clear upgrade from the F1 model that we have also recently reviewed. The OneOdio F2 currently costs £32 which makes these a very affordable pair of true wireless earbuds that come with a premium style and design.

OneOdio F2 True Wireless Headphones Review

OneOdio F1 vs F2 models

First Impressions/Unboxing

The OneOdio F2 has an elegant design that comes in either pearl white or smoke grey colour options.

These earbuds come with the following features:

  • HD Call Quality
  • HiFi Sound
  • Touch Controls
  • 40-hour battery life
  • IPX5 Rated
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • 10mm Neodymium drivers

The charging case has a very unique design that makes these earbuds stand out they look like a retro camera with a black outer ring that looks like a vinyl record with a logo in the middle. The circular design is finished off with a gold ring around the black vinyl area. The case also has a gold battery plate around the four LEDs that indicate the amount of charge.

OneOdio F2 True Wireless Headphones Review

The case feels well built and comes with a strong hinge that will survive the shake test when the lid is closed there is no moving around due to the tight-fitting mould in the case.

OneOdio F2 True Wireless Headphones Review


As mentioned the OneOdio F2 have a very unique design that comes with a premium look from the case and the use of black and gold makes the case more attractive from the outside. The case is slimline and will fit in your pocket with ease. The dimensions are: 6cm long x 2.5cm thick x 5cm high. The case is lightweight even with the buds inside they come in at 39g. The case is finished with the use of a USB-C charging port that also happens to be at the bottom of the case.

Moving to the earbuds you will notice the colour scheme is the same as the charging case but with a matt finish instead of a glossy finish that the case has. The buds are designed based on the Apple Airpod design. The buds have a chrome plastic plate in the shape of a vinyl record to keep with the case’s design. The controls are via touch controls more on that later.

OneOdio F2 True Wireless Headphones Review

The top of the bud has a status light that flashes red and blue when pairing and then has a slow flash of blue when listening to music or a podcast. That status light is well hidden on the top of the bud making it less noticeable.

The built-in microphone is located below the stem on the outer side this is a unique placement compared to other TWS models. In testing the microphone provided decent quality for calls and with a solid fit due to the right eartips that create a passive noise cancellation work well when creating loud noises.

Last but not least the buds come with 2 additional pairs of eartips (Small & Large pairs) the eartips are not silicone as you might have they are actually made of a thin rubber with an inner bore which adds to the comfort. The issue you have is only minimal passive isolation compared to silicone eartips.

OneOdio F2 True Wireless Headphones Review

Touch Controls

Just like the F1 model before them the touch controls are very responsive only needed a light touch on the earbud to activate functions. The touch controls include Play/pause, track control, call answer/reject, power on/off and voice assistant. Just like the F1 model, these do not come with volume controls, which is disappointing.

Below is the list of controls you need to master everything the F2 model allows you to do.

Control Left Bud Right Bud
Play/Pause Tap Once Tap Once
Previous Track Tap Twice
Next Track Tap Twice
Answer/End call Tap Once Tap Once
Reject Call Tap Twice Tap Twice
Voice Assistant Hold for 2 seconds Hold for 2 Seconds

The F2 & F1 models do not have mobile app support which would have been useful for button remapping especially if you wanted to add the volume control. What you have got is the ability to separate the buds so you and your partner could connect each bud to a separate device which is a useful feature to have and something not overly popular in other earbuds on the market.


The OneOdio F2 is connected using Bluetooth 5.0 which supports the following codecs:

  • aptX
  • SBC
  • AAC

This allows you the chance to listen to Hi-Fi Audio from the likes of tidal. When you want to set up the buds simply take the buds out of the case and it will automatically go into pairing mode you can then connect via your phone. What is also pleasing once connected and you then put the buds back in the case the next time you use them there is no re-connection delay which is a big bonus.

Charging Case/ Battery Life

The OneOdio F2 earbuds come with a total of 40 hours of playtime and come with a USB-C port and also comes USB-A to USB-C charging cable. Each bud has a 50mAh battery capacity which offers 5 hours and the case comes with an 800mAh charging capacity. This will allow you to listen to about 450 songs.

OneOdio F2 True Wireless Headphones Review

The charging case indicates how much battery life you have available and below is what each light Indicates:

4 Lights 100 to 75%
3 Lights 75 to 50%
2 Lights 50 to 30%
One light 30 to 15%
Half a light 15% or under

Just like the F1 model they take 1hr and 30 minutes to recharge which is a little longer than most buds in this price range.

Comfort/ Sound Quality

The OneOdio F2 TWS are a very comfortable pair of TWS to wear. They are lightweight and if you get the right size eartips they will fit in your ears and allow for long periods of use without any ear fatigue.

When it comes to the audio quality the buds come with a 10mm Neodymium driver that adds to the lightweight design but creates deep bass and a lively dynamic sound. When listening to a wide range of music you will experience a punchy bass paired with clear powerful vocals.

OneOdio F2 True Wireless Headphones Review

Just like the F1 model they provide a very fun and powerful mid-bass that offers a good rumble when tracks hit that lower extension of bass. In terms of the mid-range, it does offer a warm but bassy midrange. Upper Mids and female vocals show a much more crisp response that can become a bit harsher mainly due to the bass fighting against the rest of the soundstage.

The highs are affected by the boosted lows and mid-highs and a strong roll-off over the higher end that combines into an unbalanced feel.

Microphone Quality:

The OneOdio F2 also allows you to make calls and they let you do this by the built-in noise-cancelling mic when talking. While on the phone you can hear who you are speaking to clearly and they can also hear you very clearly. The position of the mics is on the outer side of the earbuds which is a little unusual but works just as well.


If your looking for a premium-looking pair of earbuds but without that premium price the F2 are not a bad opinion. The audio quality is very bass-heavy which combines together to create an unbalanced soundstage.

The lack of volume controls is a little annoying but not a game-changer. It would have been nice to have had ANC as well but considering the cost, it’s hardly surprising it was missed out. Overall, the design of the buds makes these really stand out it’s just a shame the audio quality does not match up.

Product Rating:

Design: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars 5.0

Touch controls : 4.0 out of 5.0 stars 4.0.

Battery Life: 3.0 out of 5.0 stars 3.0.

Sound Quality: 2.0 out of 5.0 stars 2.0.

Value For Money: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars 5.0

Overall Rating: 3.8 out of 5.0 stars 3.8. – 3.8 Stars

The OneOdio F2 currently cost £31- Want 40% off use code: BienTWS40 On the OneOdio Official website

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